Drawing Story


With each project I do, my artist statement shifts. So I am experimenting with including statements from different projects. In this way I hope my viewers will learn more about my work and enjoy my words that come from different points of view at times even though the underlying themes remain about the same.


I start at an arbitrary place drawing into paper with an exacto knife and with the tiniest idea, perhaps the shape and size of the first opening and maybe the next one.  Each cut is a movement of energy that starts in my feet and goes upward through my spine and shoulder and arm.  Each is different than the one before it, even in a small ways and responding to the one before it at the same time that each tiny door is a complete form in itself.  I work deliberately warming up for as short a time as I can before I slip into a meditative state where I think that I am most alive, responsive and unselfconscious, as opposed to the more usual experience of watching myself live.  Of course, when it is happening I do not know it.  But I certainly know it when it is not happening. When the drawing is finished it is the physical evidence of my adventurous search and surprise.


Ty Zemelsky


54 Fowler Avenue
Durham, Ct 06422

860 463 1672

Born: Rochester, New York


2019 “Cut Up/Cut Out”,Art Museum of West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
2019 “Cut Up/Cut Out”, Amarillo Museum

2019 “Cut Up/Cut Out” Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin

2018-2019 “Cut Up/Cut Out”, Foosaner Art Museum at the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida

2018 “Cut Up/Cut Out”, Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, Texas

2018 “Cut Up/Cut Out”, Pensacola Museum of Art, Florida

2017-2018 “Cut Up/Cut Out”, Huntsville Museum of Art, Alabama

2017 “Cut Up /Cut Out”,Bellevue Arts Museum, Washington
2016-2017 “Cut Up”, Bedford Gallery of the Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek ,  
California, drawing sculptures of paper cutting.

2014 "Building Neighbors" or “Everybody go outside and turn on your light” installed at DeVos Place as part of ArtPrize2014, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  An installation composed of over 1000 tiny houses shaped drawn on forms .

2013   An early showing of Building Neighbors on the grounds of the Lyme Art Museum.  An outdoor public art piece of 200 small paper house shaped sculpture on a mirrored surface 3x6 feet.

2012   “Three’s Company," Middletown, CT. A series of portraits based on bits of color and line in their relationship to a grid. Watercolor, gouache and ink on paper 29”x 23”
1997   “Box of Rocks and other stories,” Newspace Gallery, Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT Exhibit of large scale paintings in gouache, acrylic, charcoal and collage.  The main piece was an installation of 63 open phone books encased in gesso and used as the support of telling a visual/word story in ink with bits of origami paper collage.*

1996   Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT   “ The artist at 40 with a ladybug shell and a sweet smile.” 
1996   Erector Square Gallery, New Haven,CT “What can we do in our time?”

1993   “How she came to this place”, The Union Institute   PhD Dissertation composed of an essay/ manuscript of poems and exhibit of paintings and sculptures*

1990    “Trinity Women Artists”, 25 years of coeducation at Trinity College, Widener Gallery, Hartford Ct

1990   “Deliberation” Charter Oak Cultural Center Gallery, Hartford, CT Exhibit comprised of 200 one foot square drawings/ collages covering the walls and part of the floor and ceiling in circles, reminiscent of stone circles and rows found many places in the world.*

1990“Paintings for a Paper Cathedral”, Newspace Gallery, Manchester Community College Large scale paintings , acrylic and tempera on layered strips of paper to a loose thickness of four inches.* color suggesting musical sound and rhythms.*

1989   "New Perspective,"  Pump House Gallery, Hartford, CT Large paintings on paper about music and patterns.*

1988   Albany Museum of History and Art “Listen #11”

1987   “Recent Paintings”, Austin Arts Center,Trinity College, Hartford,CT* Large oil and /or acrylic paintings on canvas( for example 72x84)
1987“Chine Colle and other stuff like paint”, Mather Art Space, Trinity College pastel work on paper with woodcut prints and chine colle.*

1986    Recent Works, Widener Gallery, Austin Arts Center, Trinity College First professional show of large abstract paintings, oil on canvas.*


2016 “Cut Up,Cut Out” Catalog, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, California
2016 “Drawing”  Article on Vasari21.com
2016 “Meditation”Article on Vasari21.com
2013 “Building Neighbors” featured onlocal NBC, Grand Rapids, September
2012Review of “Three/s company”, Middletown Press, January 2013
1991 Review of “Deliberation”, Jules Swendenwien, Hartford Courant
1990 Review of Pump House Exhibit, Jules Swendenwein, Hartford Courant,November 1990 Review of Pump House Exhibit, Bill Daley, Middletown Press, November 1990

 *denotes solo

Other Projects and Work  

2014    “Drawing conclusions” a new installation project in progress about life in a nursing home and the process of dying.
2013   “Building Neighbors” an installation of hundreds (200 and up) of tiny iconic house shaped sculptures made of paper and shown on high table flat mirrored surface. Each sculpture is made of a part of a larger drawing, some words,some image, some both, some quite figurative, some abstract and non- representational. Will be exhibited more widely in the next year or so.
2011   “Portraits” A series of portraits of family members based on tiny bits of color and their relationship to a grid. Very strong music reminders going on here in contrast to the portrait compositions.  
2009   “Tap tap tap” A manuscript of a children’s word free book, the story of sheep coming uninvited into a house.
2005   “On Time” 200 clock faces made from the illustrations of “Rumination” . In a desire to be accessible and work across boundaries, these can function as clocks or as drawings or as groups of wall drawings.
2004   “Rumination or Why Sheep” A series of ink on paper drawings with a loose non linear story line featuring sheep as metaphor for humans.
2002   “The Hunger Banquet” A young adult novel manuscript , also made into a play which was presented by a local high school drama class.
1999-  Present    I co-run a certified organic farm in CT, which as time goes on, I have come to realize in addition to being a livelihood is an ever shifting version of sculpture, drawing and story.  See starlightgardensct.com


1993The Union Institute PhD    Visual Arts and Social Transformative Change
1987Trinity College, Hartford, CtBA Studio Arts(3/457)